Tagung im Klybeck 610 Seminars

As an event platform, our building offers many possibilities that can be combined in different ways. From small meeting groups to conferences and workshops with over 100 guests, we will find the right room for you.

Our offers can always be combined with a coffee break, snacks in the form of croissants, fruit basket and dessert. If the conference lasts longer, we can also combine it with a lunch in the canteen or a flying lunch in the event hall.

Lunch at our Canteen

  • Soft drinks of your choice
  • Menusalad
  • Lunch menu of your choice
  • Daily dessert

Discover our versatile and modern rooms in Klybeck 610 and choose the room that suits you best for your conference.


  • Eventroom Klybeck 610
  • Salon Rhystadt
  • Glyybi 1
  • Glyybi 2
  • Glyybi 3



Salon Rhystadt
Salon Rhystadt
Glyybi 1
Glyybi 1
GIL1999 1
Kaffeepause Vormittag
GIL2026 1
GIL2020 1
Kaffeepause Nachmittag